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Through the LWO Book shop we provide labour law related articles to our members  to assist employers to proactively manage labour as a business risk.

Book shop products:

According to labour legislation, the following posters must be put up in the workplace:  the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Employment Equity Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The LWO’s (summarised) laminated, bilingual posters have been designed solely with this purpose in mind. Available posters include:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Disciplinary code – the LWO strongly advises our members to display a relevant and up to date disciplinary code with the employer’s rules and proposed sanctions, in the workplace.

This is a complete bound bundle of essential documents for management regarding employees in the Agricultural Sector. It contains an employment contract, time register, job description, list of residents, a record of leave, UI-19 form, as well as the employment record for the year and a certificate of service.

The payslip book is very user friendly and complies with applicable labour legislation.  It details the remuneration (ordinary hours worked | overtime | Sunday time | public holidays | other remuneration) and deductions (both statutory and additional), showing the nett remuneration and proof of receipt. The original document is given to the employee and a copy remains in the book as proof that the employee had been paid. The employee’s signature/thumbprint serves as proof.

The incident book is a personal workbook for everyday use. It consists of a disciplinary code, calendar (previous, current and following year), a year planner, record keeping of the annual rainfall and temperature as well as all incidents, notes and an order form. It is very important to keep record of all incidents in the workplace.

More resources:

A first-aid kit is essential for use during an emergency in the workplace. Even if it is not a legal requirement for a particular employer’s business, we advise that each employer should always have a complete kit available.

The member CD is a compilation of all documentation for a specific business.  It is uniquely compiled for each employer depending on the applicable sector/industry in which the employer operates.  It contains all legal documentation required regarding legislation | employment contracts | agreements | registration | application forms | notifications | disciplinary forms | consultation documentation | retrenchment documentation | grievance documentation | trade union documentation | termination of employment documentation | documentation regarding strikes/industrial action | policies and procedures, etcetera.

These alcohol tests are cost effective, disposable breath alcohol detection tests to indicate if a person uses alcohol and if the alcohol level is over or under the legal limit.  It is a convenient and easy to use piece of equipment that can be used any time and any place.  It is accurate and reliable and doesn’t need calibration or even a battery and results are immediately available.  The alcohol tests are CE marked and FDA approved.

Africlock is a time keeping system where employees check in and out at the beginning and end of shifts/days.  Different options that are available include:  buttons, finger print and facial recognition.  A portable system is also available.  Africlock also has a diesel control system that complies with SARS’s requirements regarding diesel rebates.

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