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Retrenchment – what? when? how?

All employers have two goals: to make a profit and be sustainable. Employers should therefore consistently evaluate all factors that can have an influence on

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Sexual harassment in the workplace

Recent amendments to legislation afford Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) commissioners the authority to handle sexual harassment cases. Sexual harassment in the workplace

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Obesity in the workplace

Obesity and illnesses related to obesity in South Africa are regarded by many medical practitioners as a pandemic. In medical terms a person with a

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Sleeping on duty

Employees sleeping on duty is a problem for any employer.  Being tired can affect an employee’s concentration, co-ordination and reaction speed as well as negatively

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The LWO was established in 1990 to provide employers in the broader South African business community with labour law services and other related services in the field of labour law


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