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Grants and employment

Employers are under the impression that persons who receive old age pension are not allowed to work, or that they forfeit UIF benefits if they

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Business owners tips and advice

Transport of farm workers

Although employers are under no obligation to transport farm workers, many farmers do provide transport. Farm workers can find it difficult to get to work

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Business owners tips and advice

Warnings – how, when and who?

Maintaining discipline in the workplace is vital to maintain productivity, as well as a positive working environment. Just as an employee has certain rights, the

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Business owners tips and advice

Grievance procedure

Procedures in the workplace refer to an official manner in which specific situation must be handled. The purpose is to inform the employer and the

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Business owners tips and advice

Employers advice

Employers have three duties: To receive the employee into service According to the BCEA all employers should provide an employee with a written contract within

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About LWO

The LWO was established in 1990 to provide employers in the broader South African business community with labour law services and other related services in the field of labour law


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