LWO joins hands with Agri NW

LWO joins hands with Agri NW

Major challenging and often threatening issues in the labour field necessitate the services of a specialised employers’ organisation to assist farmers with labour management. The LWO meets these requirements and consequently Agri NW has reached a collaboration agreement with the LWO as a preferred service provider.   

“Agriculturalists have to produce in a very complex and demanding production environment necessitating the supportive services of knowledgeable partners who can empower the members of Agri NW with the necessary knowledge and skills to farm sustainably.”

– Boeta du Toit, General Manager (Agri NW)

For an agricultural sector to flourish service providers should assist producers with passion and dedication. Agri NW is the indispensable speaker in the service of the farmer that monitors and influences policy-making, legislation and regulations, ensuring that it is in the best interest of the sector and its members. 

Why is a structure such as Agri NW necessary and what value does such a structure have?

  • Agri NW’s ultimate goal is a stable agricultural environment that maintains optimal production even during challenging conditions. For this purpose, the organisation strengthens its producers’ hands to produce optimally and competitively. 
  • The organisation features an extensive network capacity through which lobbying and liaising take place. 
  • Agri NW is an indispensable voice in service of the farmer and functions by, amongst other things by liaising with interested role players. This provides support for Agri SA’s agricultural policy viewpoint and principles. 
  • The organisation’s expertise, structures and partnerships are utilized pro-actively.
  • Guidance is provided to producers by means of procedures, guidelines and plans. This arises from the activities of the specialty committees to deal with contemporary issues directly applicable to farm-level producers such as:
    • Agri SA’s protocol regarding access to farms
    • Illegal occupation of land
    • Unlawful arrest of producers
    • Labour unrest and strikes
    • Procedures for handling applications for prospecting and mining licenses. 

How does an organisation like Agri NW function?

  • Discussions and influencing takes place with the North West Premier, MEC’s Heads of Department and officials as well as relevant committees of the respective government departments.
  • Interaction takes place in a constructive but critical and firm manner, aimed at problem solving. 
  • Agri NW liaises with representatives of district and local municipalities to protect and promote producers’ interest.
  • Policy-making, legislation and regulations, as well as its application and impact on the agricultural industry, are continuously monitored and influenced. 

How is Agri NW put together? 

  • Agri NW is affiliated with Agri SA and has a seat on the organisation’s general council, where matters of common interest are dealt with on a national basis. 
  • The organisation’s highest authority resides in its annual congress and the general council consists of delegates form the affiliated agricultural associations operating across North West Province.  

Visit www.agrinw.co.za

Part of the solution or part of the problem? 

By participating in a local agricultural association, producers can acquire personal and direct membership at Agri NW. Consequently, members gain input into agricultural matters through their constructive participation and acceptance of their own responsibilities. Members can also become involved in activities of their local agricultural association as well as Agri NW’s  specialty committees. Issues of national interest are referred to Agri SA to deal with and to be addressed at that level. The different membership categories make it possible for each producer to become a member of Agri NW, regardless of the size of the farming enterprise or commodity.  

All paid-up members of Agri NW are assured of exclusive member benefits. Adding value to membership is of paramount importance to Agri NW – therefore the organisation also has several agreements with product and service providers that are continuously negotiated and maintained to the direct financial benefit of participating members. 

Platinum membership

This category represents the largest component of the Commercial Agricultural Sector, regardless of the form of business within which it operates. Principal members are usually defined as the owner, managing director, trustee or chief executive officer of the business. In common language, it represents the primary breadwinner or main responsible person. Young farmers who farm independently form the primary breadwinner also qualify for this category. 


A Platinum member who, due to a serious financial setback, cannot afford the affiliation fee of the Platinum membership category, may be moved to the Gold membership category  on an annual basis at the discretion of the relevant affiliate management. Once this person can afford it again, his status as a Platinum member is restored with the payment of the full affiliation fee. 

Gold membership 

Family farming

  • If the primary breadwinner is the father and pays as a Platinum member, the sons who farm with him, as well as the farm managers, qualify as Gold members. 

Farming enterprise 

  • Where the owner, managing director, trustee or chief executive officer of an enterprise already pays a Platinum membership, farm managers qualify as Gold members. 

Silver membership

These are people who desire membership and have an interest in agricultural related aspects and want to associate and work with Agri NW. 

Contact Agri NW at 018 632 3624

What to expect form us

  • We will perform our functions in line with the letter and spirit of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
  • We are committed to a South Africa where there is food and fibre security. 
  • We regard integrity, transparency and inclusivity as core principles in the execution of our mandate. We believe in sound corporate governance that leads to a-political and ethical practices in all respects. 
  • We always strive to improve the profitability of all agricultural enterprises in South Africa in order to keep farmers on their land and to ensure that quality food is produced at affordable prices and accessible to all citizens. 
  • We promote the long-term, sustainable use of natural and other resources and care for the environment. 
  • We promote respect for human dignity, social justice and equality in all aspects, including race and gender, as well as freedom of association. 

The following principles are endorsed and must be endorsed and embraced by all of us:

  • Pride: to deliver the best
  • Perseverance: don’t get tired and see every threat rather as a challenge
  • Loyalty: co-operation; talk to each other; togetherness; protect each other. 
  • Confidence: we trust each other and are willing to expose ourselves to our grouping without fear of rejection and diminution.
  • Appreciation and recognition: we say “thank you”
  • We acknowledge our mistakes: make corrections and apologize
  • Belief in faith: acknowledgment of the Creator; grateful for what He gives us every day; the Bible is the measuring instrument
  • Unique: creative thinking is developed; creativity is applied
  • Strive for excellence: curiosity is aroused
  • Transparency: in what we do
  • Mutual respect: applied in all situations
  • Honesty: with everyone
  • Credibility: always above suspension and trustworthy
  • Service: high quality service delivery; meet expectations
  • Success: regular measurement
  • Satisfaction: by achieving goals and high morale
  • Self conviction: self-respect; live it out for what we stand for. 
  • Exemplariness: participating management
  • Responsibility: acceptance of ownership; quick response; problem solving driven; protection of own assets

  • Sense of urgency: based on future orientation

  • Steadfastness: principle, task-oriented, focused

  • Understanding: empathy; solution driven

  • Humour: we joke and enjoy appropriate jokes

Agri NW should by applying the agreed principles and norms, ensure that a desired organisational culture is established and maintained to serve as a crucial requirement for achieving our Mission.

We are united by the agreed upon common principles described in our Vision and Mission. These principles can be endorsed by us as members, but it will only become a reality when every principle is applied and recognisable in the manner we behave and in the way, we insist that our fellow members do as well.

The practical application is crucial, e.g. our actions towards each other should be as follows:

  • We listen with empathy to each other.
  • First, we make a real effort to understand the other party’s position before we judge.
  • We differ openly with each other but still show understanding for each other. Therefore, constructive conflict is not avoided but rather encouraged to find solutions.
  • Decision-making takes place in accordance with the vision and mission of Agri NW.
  • We accept responsibility towards each other and respect each other.
  • What we collectively develop is our joint ownership and joint venture.
  • We declare our willingness to innovative and creative thinking.
  • We are willing to take calculated risks and then manage them logically.
  • We continually assess and measure our behaviour and acts based on our principles and norms to determine its acceptability and desirability.

In conclusion

The result of applying these principles and norms results in the development and elaboration of the desirable organisational culture. This organisational culture with a climate created by a constructive leadership style gives rise to the desired character of the organisation.

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