LWO joins hands with FASA

LWO joins hands with FASA

As the oldest and only association representing the franchise sector in South Africa, FASA has forged important linkages with key areas of government and business to further the interests of its members in its quest to be as relevant as possible in all spheres of both the private and public sectors.

As part of its mandate to provide its franchisor members with added benefits, FASA has concluded a key partnership with the LWO, a non-profit organisation that delivers labour law services to employers ensuring that its members meet all the requirements set out by South African labour law. 

“Our partnership with the LWO Employers Organisation is crucial to our members who are increasingly under pressure due to the overwhelming number of legislative and regulatory laws that affect their operations. Complying with the many labour laws is key to running a successful and ethical business and this partnership will give our members the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that the LWO offers. 

– Vera Valasis, Executive Director (FASA)

The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) is a trade association for franchisors, franchisees and the professional organisations that service the franchise industry. Its aim is to develop and safeguard the business environment for ethical franchising in South Africa. FASA is the only recognized representative body of the rapidly growing franchise industry. 

FASA’s criteria for membership conforms to international best practices and is acknowledged by government, business and the public at large. FASA is a full member of the World Franchise Council. 

Visit www.fasa.co.za

Become a FASA member:

Benefits include:

  • The prestige of being associated with an internationally recognized Franchise Association.
  • Participating in the many networking events that FASA holds throughout the year.
  • Being informed of the many legislative changes that may affect franchising.
  • Benefiting from legal, industrial and labour advice.

In addition, FASA has a basket of exclusive discount benefits – from signage to general business deals – that will benefit both franchisor and franchisee.

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  • Operating since 1979, the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) ranks among the longest established franchise associations both in Africa and in the world. 
  • The franchise sector in South Africa boasts around 865 business systems, 45 011 franchisees with an estimated turnover of R721 billion equivalent to 15,7% of the total South African GDP.
  • The franchise sector employs approximately 370 000 people, of which approximately 293 000 are black, 13 500 are coloured, 14 000 are Indian and approximately 50 000 are white.

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