LWO joins hands with Moulder Skills Development

LWO joins hands with MSD

Moulder Skills Development (MSD) has become one of the leading skills development specialists over the past 10 years through building long-term relationships that are affordable, with their clients.  Over the years they have identified certain elements that can pose a business risk to their clients, such as compliance with labour law.  Often employers’ contracts are not adequate or even legal – this compelled MSD to find a solution for their clients that is honest, professional and affordable and will ensure that employers comply with legislation and have support with regards to unforeseeable events and disputes in the workplace.  MSD can also assist employers with compliance with the Employment Equity Act.

“The LWO impressed me from the first meeting and the Bible that lay on the boardroom table testified to the organisation’s values that was also written large against the wall – integrity, honesty and excellent service.

One of the biggest risks for any business today, is compliance with labour law.  When aspects such as general compliance, documentation and the correct procedures are in place and followed, there is very little that can go wrong.  That’s why co-operation between specialists is so crucial to ensure that the best results are achieved in every aspect of the business.”

– James Moulder, Owner (Moulder Skills Development)

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