LWO joins hands with Sakeliga

LWO joins hands with Sakeliga

In the advancement of the market economy and economic growth, Sakeliga and the LWO Employers Organisation proudly announce a special cooperation agreement.

In the future, Sakeliga will recommend the LWO as the preferred provider of labour law services and it is now possible for Sakeliga members who experience labour law problems to be directly referred to specialists.

Good labour law support is of vital importance not only to businesses themselves, but also in the interest of economic growth in general.

“The collaboration means that Sakeliga members are better prepared than other businesses.  South Africa’s labour environment is highly regulated and poses a serious business risk to the employer.  Businesses must be ready for this and Sakeliga therefore recommends the LWO as preferred service provider of labour law services to our members.”

– Piet le Roux, Chief  Executive Officer (Sakeliga)

“The LWO is happy to work with Sakeliga, as the promotion of the market economy, property rights and the negotiation of a favorable business environment is in everyone’s interest. With the agreement, the LWO is also expanding its footprint to new markets”

– Pieter Breytenbach, Chief  Executive Officer (LWO)

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