LWO joins hands with The Tax Shop

LWO joins hands with The Tax Shop

The Tax Shop Group consists of more than 70 franchisees and strives to make life easier for their clients.

They are often asked questions about labour legislation and related issues and since they are not qualified in this specialised field,
they have decided to engage with the LWO, the leaders in this regard.

“Collaboration has become the norm as a sound growth strategy and is known to help a business to improve its performance, services and enhance skills.  The advantages of a strategic alliance are that it allows for knowledge sharing, the co-development of value-add services and optimisation of technology whilst the parties retain their respective corporate identities and independence.  Trusting, collaborative relationships form the basis of every successful endeavour.”

– Bennie Groenewald, Executive Director (The Tax Shop)
– Bernard Schoeman, Executive Director (The Tax Shop)

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