LWO joins hands with TLU SA

LWO joins hands with TLU SA

TLU SA speaks form within the farmer ranks on behalf of farmers. But TLU SA also gives farmers the advice, support and resources to farm safe and sustainable. This includes an agreement with the LWO to give farmers advice on labour issues. 

“For TLU SA’s members it has always been important to run their farms in the correct way. Labour relations is an important component of farming sustainably (profitably). In order to sustain and manage these healthy relationships, built up over years, keeping the amended relevant laws in mind, requires the input of specialist expertise. We are therefore a proud partner of the LWO to help our farmers manage their farming business according to law.”

– Louis Meintjies, President (TLU SA)

TLU SA has always sold the view of the farmer to the government, never government’s view to our members. We do not speak for the farmers, our farmers speak for themselves. TLU SA’s power lies on ground level – where it really matters to a farmer in his day to day survival. Agriculture in South Africa is complicated with our country being marginal agricultural environment. The uncertain policy environment projected by the ANC government further makes the situation very challenging.  

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TLU SA has adapted its membership format in order to accommodate members form the farming community as well as supporters of farmers. The different categories of membership is indicated on the application forms and various benefits will be linked to these categories in the near future. 

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  • I acknowledge Article 2 of the TLU SA Constitution by which I undertake to live my life in accordance to The Bible as the only Word of the Holy Trinity and the measure of my Christian faith. 
  • I am aware of the value and influence of the Christian doctrine on the development of my cultural heritage. 
  • I am proud of my career as a farmer and the opportunity I am given to work God’s Creation. 
  • I humbly accept the stewardship of my land and accept the responsibility to efficiently protect the earth, fauna and flora, and all the available resources; and to respectfully manage it as the heritage of my descendants. 
  • I am proud of the unique identity, heritage and historical foundation of TLU SA and will strive to respect and protect the values which shaped it. 
  • The reinforcement and empowerment of TLU SA is my priority. I will strive to protect and build the positive image of TLU SA to the benefit of my fellow farmers and the agricultural industry. 
  • I am proud to contribute to the wellness of the entire population and the country’s economy, as a supplier of food and fibre. 
  • As farmer, I will strive for the development of commercial agriculture and thereby add to the recognition of the sector as an independent entity with a rightful place as an important component of the greater economy. 
  • I accept and support the principle of private ownership as the foundation from which economic growth in a free market system can happen.  

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