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Sakeliga understands the dreams and ideals of the Afrikaans business person. We are striving for the continued success of the business sector by creating and protecting a favourable economic environment, channeling business goodwill to the community, and establishing specific resources and unique benefits for Sakeliga members. In short, Sakeliga creates and protects the environment in which the business community, and the community in general does business, based on a free market system. Sakeliga invites you to become part of a fresh new business movement in our country. As part of the Sakeliga community you will add your influence, energy and resources to those of thousands of other concerned business people, and together we form a state-resistant economic environment in which business can prosper and the community can flourish.

The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) is a trade association for franchisors, franchisees and the professional organisations that service the franchise industry. Its aim is to develop and safeguard the business environment for ethical franchising in South Africa. FASA is the only recognized representative body of the rapidly growing franchise industry. FASA’s criteria for membership conforms to international best practices and is acknowledged by government, business and the public at large. FASA is a full member of the World Franchise Council.

Organised agriculture - The stronghold for the commercial farmer in South Africa. TLU SA speaks form within the farmer ranks on behalf of farmers. But TLU SA also gives farmers the advice, support and resources to farm safe and sustainable.

Agri NW is a civil society service organisation that strives to create and maintain a prosperous and sustainable farming sector that ensures and maintains socio-economic growth and development.

LWO network:

Plaas Media is an independent media house focused on delivering top quality technical and semi-technical content to the agricultural community by way of products in the print, broadcast and digital media spheres. Flagship products in this Centurion-based company’s basket includes Veeplaas, Grootplaas, RSG Landbou and ALFA.

Pretoria FM is a community radio station based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our programs are aimed at Afrikaners who are passionate about music, culture and current affairs. We broadcast 24 hours per day on 104.2 FM and ons DSTV channel 887.

100.5 FM Radio Laeveld is a community-based radio station. The broadcasting area covers Nelspruit, White River, Baberton and surrounding Lowveld regions of Cape Hops, Cape Muiden, Malelane, Hectorspruit, Komatipoort, Skukuza, Hazyview, Sabie Graskop, and Lydenburg.

Grootplaas is an Afrikaans actuality programme that focuses exclusively on agriculture. It is broadcast on kykNet (channel 144) on weekday mornings from 05:30 to 05:50 with repeats on kykNet & Kie and on Catchup. The programme focuses on agriculture in its entirety and hosted by Elsa Esterhuizen. The programme producer is Plaas Media. This programme focuses on current agricultural issues as well as conveying technical information.

RSG Landbou is an Afrikaans agricultural programme that airs weekday mornings from Monday to Thursday from 04:30 to 05:00. The programme is presented by Lise Roberts with Hennie Maas as producer. The programme content is managed by Plaas Media. The programme focuses on the latest agricultural news, but mainly provides technical information regarding all farming enterprises. The programme is broadcast nationally.

The website,, is the fastest growing website in the agricultural sector and inculdes a selection of the latest news, in-dept technical articles, feedback on agricultural opportunities and links to Plaas Media's various projects and products. The site also boasts seven social media profiles, each linked to one of Plaas Media's magazines or other products. Agriorbit also has its own Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagrame account.

Stockfarm is an English magazine for the livestock sector in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. The magazine addresses issues that are of importance for livestock farmers, including issues relating to nutrition, health, management and much more. The content is aimed at farming practices based on scientific principles and transfers knowledge to both commercial and aspiring commercial livestock farmers.

Farmsbiz is South Africa's only agricultural magazine aimed exclusively at the agricultural business industry. It addresses agricultural businesses and top commercial farmers on issues such as economic trends, legal aspects, good corporate governance and the agricultural value chain.

Farmer's Weekly is the oldest agricultural magazine in South Africa. It serves as a mouthpiece for the agricultural industry and keeps readers informed. The magazine offers opinion, analysis and in-depth features on business, crops, livestock, game, conservation, the emerging farming sector, rural interest, the latest research and technology and up-to-date news and commodity prices

Agri Connect is a full-service media company that specialises in conceptualising and implementing integrated marketing communication strategies for targeted audiences in the agricultural and related industries. Our products are designed to deliver content across these industries’ value chains. We also offer a high standard of editorial, design, print and distribution services. With exceptional editorial resources and publishing experience, our professional team delivers customised solutions and is committed to creating value for our clients.

Dairy Mail (TDM) is published monthly on behalf of the Milk Producers’ Organisation (MPO), which represents more than 80% of all milk producers in South Africa. TDM is a trusted source of scientific information which is communicated responsibly and effectively to the dairy industry in South Africa and which covers most dairy-related events, such as farmers’ days, shows and international agricultural expos. The aim is to equip dairy farmers with relevant, practical information that will assist them in managing successful, sustainable dairy businesses. TDM is 100% subscriber-based and custom delivered to dairy farmers, milk buyers, processors, veterinarians, research institutions and other stakeholders in the dairy industry.

Agri Connect publishes Red Meat/Rooivleis bi-monthly on behalf of the Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO). The RPO is a service organisation that acts as the mouthpiece of South African commercial red meat producers and strives to promote the sustainability and profitability of the red meat industry in South Africa. Themes are aligned with production and environmental cycles. Content is generated focusing on topical matters and yielding informative and newsworthy articles in English and Afrikaans on the industry, management, production, research and training, and products. Contributing authors include agricultural researchers, veterinarians, red meat producers and specialists in relevant subject areas. Red Meat/Rooivleis is mailed to members in the various provinces who contribute a voluntary levy to the RPO. Other readers include industry stakeholders, government officials, input suppliers and service providers.

Agri Connect publishes Wolboer/Wool Farmer bi-monthly on behalf of the National Wool Growers’ Association (NWGA), a national commodity structure formed by commercial and communal wool sheep farmers in South Africa. The NWGA collectively represents all South African wool farmers. The NWGA has a voluntary membership of 4 500 commercial and 20 000 communal farmers who produce more than 80% of the national clip of around 50 million kg of wool annually. Wool Boer/Wool Farmer is published bi-monthly with content developed across the industry value chain. Bi-monthly themes are aligned with production and environmental cycles. Content is generated with a focus on issues that matter most under the editorial pillars of management, production, research and development, products and lifestyle. Contributing authors include agricultural researchers, veterinarians, wool farmers and specialists in relevant subject areas. The bulk of the publication is mailed to farmers who are members of the NWGA. Other readers include industry stakeholders, government officials, input suppliers and service providers.

ProAgri has been the largest free agricultural monthly in South Africa since 1994 with ABC certified distribution countrywide through agrishops and the Post Office. The print run is 40 000. ProAgri focusses on agricultural technology in terms of mechanisation, crop production, resource management and stock and game farming. ProAgri provides a direct communication link between suppliers and farmers. ProAgri is an active agricultural news website and also publishes ProAgri Zambia with a print run of 10 000.

ProAgri also launched Agri4all in 2018. It is a search-and-sell website for agricultural products and properties, and is the fastest growing site of its kind in Africa.

AGRI Northern Cape is committed to the development of agriculture in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa. We’re a non-profit organisation that is helping to develop a stable, profitable agricultural environment within the province. Visit our website regularly to stay in touch and up-to-date with the latest news from AGRI Northern Cape.

Eastern Cape's vision is to develop and grow the agricultural industry as a sustainable economic sector by promoting agricultural business interests, influencing government policy formulation and providing value-added services to its members. Agri Eastern Cape represents more than 3 000 members and affiliated organisations.

Free State Agriculture is a voluntary member organization that has existed for commercial farmers within the Free State Province for the past 106 years.

The South African Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop) manages the affairs of the SA Avocado, Mango and Litchi Growers’ Associations.

SAAGA's vision is to grow its status as a world class supplier of avocados to the global and domestic market. SAAGA aims to provide its members with acceptable growth and returns in a sustainable industry, while meeting the needs of its growers, service providers and customers in an environmentally responsible way. SAAGA aims to achieve this vision through the medium of voluntary cooperation, facilitation of communication between stakeholders, and provision of pertinent information to the industry

Obaro was founded in 1930, by farmers and is to this day owned by farmers. Through innovative projects, constant research and reliable daily support, Obaro do their bit to ensure agriculture's continuous growth and ultimate success.

Beehive Occupational Health and Safety Services offer a structured support service relating to occupational health and safety (OH&S), thereby assisting businesses to protect their employees and their family members, customers, suppliers and anyone else who may be affected by the workplace environment. Beehive OH&S also assists clients with the implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 systems.

Maxi Employee Consultants is a Financial Services Provider offering a range of financial services that serves as an unbiased platform for the client to choose which financial product, and from which financial institution will suite their needs best. MEC specialize in Automotive, Home, Business, Life Insurance, Investments and Medical Aid.

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