Are you an employer or business owner?  Or do you manage the labour relations on behalf of the business?

Do you employ a domestic worker?

How does membership with the LWO work? 

The LWO is a non-profit members’ organisation. Members join on one of five different membership packages offered by the LWO and receive the corresponding membership benefits.  Membership is vested in the legal entity irrespective of the number of employees. 

The LWO also offers a domestic worker package for employers with a domestic worker(s):  click here for more information.   Note that the domestic worker package’s cost structure differs from the other membership packages with regards to the once-off joining fee and annual membership fee.

It is easy to join the LWO: 

  • Complete the LWO membership application form, indicate on what package you want to join as well as how you want to pay (annually/monthly) and initial on every page of the form
  • Send the proof of payment for the once-off joining fee and membership fee to – see cost structure below
  • You are now loaded on our system as an LWO member and receive you unique membership number, whereafter you have access to your membership benefits and other LWO services at member tariffs
  • Your information and implementation session is arranged during which you will receive proactive training to ensure you know exactly what is expected of you
Cost structure

The cost structure consists of a once-off joining fee and an annual membership fee (also payable monthly), applicable to all members.

Once-off joining fee

R2 415.00 (Incl. vat)

  • Information session: proactive training with regards to all aspects of the employer’s relevant sector / Bargaining Council. Employment contracts, payslips, policies, procedures, disciplinary code and proforma labour law documentation (warnings, ultimatums, etc.) will be provided, explained, discussed and implemented
  • Implementation session: discussion of terms and conditions of employment contracts, policies, procedures, disciplinary code and relevant legislation with the employer and employees, to ensure that the member complies in all respects with the requirements as set by the member’s relevant sector / Bargaining Council.

Annual membership fee

There are five different membership packages available at different costs in terms their various membership benefits. There are standard benefits that apply to all membership packages, with additional benefits depending on your choice of membership package. This annual membership fee is payable annually or monthly.

Standard benefits included in all membership packages

  • 1 x information and implementation session (including proactive training and a labour law audit to ensure 100% compliance)
  • Free labour law documentation (including employment contracts, warnings, notices, policies, procedures, etc.)
  • Free telephonic advice 24/7 (speak directly to a qualified legal advisor, no limit on how many times you can phone in)
  • Bimonthly newsletter with practical information regarding how to handle specific situations
  • Access to all LWO services at member tariffs, including representation at the CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court at member tariffs: R595.17 | R4.84 per km

Take note:

All LWO members have access to all our services. If a spesific service is not already included in the membership package fee you will just pay for the service on a “pay as you go” basis at members tariffs, which are R595.17 per hour and R4.89 per km. These tariffs are only for time spent on the premises and kilometers traveled.

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