Domestic worker Package


  • Electronic newsletter with relevant information and case studies
  • Free telephonic advice 24 hours per day and seven days per week
  • One electronic¬†information session
  • Information file: CD with all relevant documentation, bound employment contracts (free for the first two domestic workers) and a manual
  • Access to all LWO services at member tariffs


The cost structure consists of a once-off joining fee and an annual membership fee, applicable to all members.

Joining fee:

Compulsory once-off joining fee: R430.00 + R60.20 (VAT) = R456.00

Membership fee:

Annual membership fee: R400.00 + R56.00 (VAT) = R456.00 (free for first two domestic workers, and then R131.58 + R18.42 (VAT) = R150.00 per extra domestic worker)

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