Package 3

BENEFITS: as per Basic package PLUS

  • Strikes (two meetings per year)
  • Retrenchments (two meetings per year)
  • x1 Disciplinary hearing/consultation (incapacity / poor work performance)
  • x1 Trade union negotiation
  • x1 Assistance during inspection by the Department of Labour
  • Representation in CCMA / Labour Court up to R73 500.00 per renewal year*

*All travelling and accommodation costs paid by LWO


The cost structure consists of a once-off joining fee and an annual membership fee (also payable monthly), applicable to all members.

Joining fee:

Compulsory once-off joining fee: R2 000.00 + R280.00 (VAT) = R2 280.00

Membership fee:

  • Annual membership fee: R6 126.32 + R857.68 (VAT) = R6 984.00
  • Monthly membership fee (option to pay off): R510.53 + R71.47 (VAT) = R582.00 (x12)

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