More about the LWO

The LWO assists you as employer to comply with labour law.

To comply with labour law doesn't have to be a headache. 

The LWO makes it easy, simple AND uses it to protect your business. 

The LWO Employers Organisation will play a dynamic role in the management of labour relations, that will contribute to a productive and sustainable working environment for our members.

The LWO Employers Organisation is as specialists in the field of labour law indispensable to employers nationally, in managing compliance with labour law as a business risk.

The LWO had its origin in the Agricultural Sector in 1990 (29 years ago). We are very proud of this heritage as farmers as employers face exceptionally challenging conditions in managing their businesses productively and sustainably. Since then the LWO has positioned itself to serve all employers in all industry sectors nationally in the field of labour law.

The LWO is a non-profit members’ organisation with members across all business industries. The moment when an employer-employee relationship is established, there are clear requirements that the employer must comply with. That is exactly what the LWO does: we assist all employers to comply with labour law. Thus the employer joins the LWO as a member (membership is vested in the legal entity) and then has access to our services.

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