Agricultural Sector Provident Fund

The LWO is a founding member of the Agricultural Sector Provident Fund (ASPF).

Recognition can rightly be given to the way in which employers in the agricultural sector continuously act in the interests of employees. Financial planning is an important aspect that every worker should pay attention to and therefore it is also important that an organisation such as the LWO Employers Organisation will participate in initiatives to provide affordable retirement, disability, death and funeral benefits for farm workers.

The ASPF offers several affordable plans with unique benefits to employees.  The ASPF is managed by a Board of Trustees, with representation by Sanlam, the LWO, Agri SA, TLU SA and independent Trustees. The Board of Trustees looks after affordable contributions, as well as competitive benefits for participating farm workers.

Take note of labour law!

When an employer makes the decision to offer the benefit of a provident fund as a condition of service, existing employees are given the option of belonging to the fund or not. This choice is exercised in writing and is kept on record. Employees who are employed after this decision has been made are obliged to belong to the fund.

It is important for employers to note that the Employment Equity Act also applies to benefits such as a provident fund. This code is structured to ensure that employees are treated fairly on an ongoing basis and to eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace.

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