Membership on the Domestic worker package

Do you have a Domestic worker?

The close working relationship between the employer and the domestic worker creates unique challenges and definite risk for the employer. Take special note with regards to the employment contract, remuneration, leave, working hours, etc. 

The LWO created a Domestic worker package to specifically assist employers with a domestic worker to comply with labour law. 

The LWO makes it easy to be an employer!

Membership benefits

  • 1 x electronic information session (upon joining):  every member receives proactive training so that you know exactly what is expected of you – all labour law documentation is provided and explained
  • Free labour law documentation:  employment contracts, warnings, notices, policies and procedures, legislation, etc.
  • Free 24/7 telephonic advice:  24/7 legal advice helpline – speak directly to a qualified legal advisor for expert assistance; a hands on approach to every day uncertainty, workplace misconduct and disputes
  • Focus newsletter (bimonthly):  practical information regarding how to handle specific situations in the workplace
  • Access to all LWO services (including representation at the CCMA and Labour Court) at member tariffs:  R825.00 per hour | R6.15 per km

Cost structure

  • The cost structure consists of a once-off joining fee and an annual membership fee, applicable to all members. All tariffs include VAT.

Joining fee:

  • Compulsory once-off joining fee: R611.00

Membership fee:

  • Annual membership fee: R600.00 
    • Free for first two domestic workers, and then R173.00 per extra domestic worker

Membership on the
Domestic worker package

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