Our “Hearings, Grievances & Arbitrations” Training program empowers you with the knowledge and strategies needed to address workplace disputes.

Elevate your workplace with “Hearings, Grievances & Arbitrations” training

Date: 08 May 2024 | Time: 10:00-12:00 (2 Hours) | Price: R1200 per person

Effective resolution of workplace issues is essential for a harmonious and productive environment. Our comprehensive training program covers “Hearings, Grievances & Arbitrations,” providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate these challenging situations with confidence. Here’s what you can expect to gain from this transformative training:

Hearings Grievances Arbitrations training course

  • Learn how to initiate a disciplinary inquiry, ensuring that the process adheres to legal requirements and fairness.

  • Explore the various types of evidence and understand how to obtain evidence legally and ethically.

  • Master the art of proving a case effectively while presenting compelling arguments.

  • Discover cross-examination tactics that can help uncover the truth and strengthen your case.

  • Gain insights into delivering persuasive closing arguments that leave no room for doubt.

Grievance Procedures:

  • Understand what constitutes a grievance and how to handle it effectively, preventing potential conflicts from escalating.

  • Differentiate between the three types of grievances and explore the distinctions between informal and formal grievance procedures.

  • Learn about the consequences of ignoring a grievance and how it can impact the workplace.

  • Navigate constructive dismissal situations, identifying when it occurs and the necessary steps to address it.

  • Tackle issues of unfair discrimination proactively, ensuring a workplace free from bias and prejudice.

CCMA (Conciliation and Arbitration):

  • Gain an introduction to CCMA processes, including conciliation and arbitration, and understand their roles in resolving disputes.

  • Learn how arbitrations work, from objections and preparations to presenting your case effectively.

  • Explore strategies to prepare your case, ensuring you are well-equipped to present your side convincingly.

  • Navigate the intricacies of conciliation and arbitration with confidence, understanding the key steps and considerations involved.