The LWO assists EMPLOYERS to comply with labour law

Labour legislation sets strict requirements that employers must comply with and that is exactly what the LWO does – we assist you as the employer to comply with labour law and to use it to protect your business.

Who can join the LWO?

ANY employer...

in ANY business industry...

with ANY number of employees...

4 good reasons to join the LWO:

1 - Get a thorough audit...
Wipe the slate clean with a thorough labour law audit:
100% compliance | Employment contracts | Protect your rights as an employer | Protect your business.
2 - Unlimited 24/7 free legal advice & documentation
Ask for an expert opinion. Every time.
Instant access to the full spectrum of documentation (including employment contracts) - what you need, when you need it.
3 - Hire a pro!
Handle every labour dispute confidently without putting your business at risk.
Consultations | Warnings | Disciplinary hearings | CCMA/Bargaining Council/Labour Court representation | Restructuring | Retrenchment | Department of Labour inspections | Trade union negotiations | Strikes | etc.

Note: all our legal advisors are admitted attorneys, specialising in labour law.
4 - Peace of mind
You can focus on core activities knowing the LWO is just a phone call away.
No more uncertainty and headaches with regards to labour law. Be confident that you as the employer not only comply with labour law but also use it to protect your business and rights as employer.

Why wait? Join today and tick "labour law" off your to-do list!

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Take the headache out of LABOUR LAW

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Our services are critical for every employer and it is important that we consistently follow an ethical approach and deliver quality service. Our values are non-negotiable and we are very proud of this fact.

Respect | Dynamic mindset | Quality | Leadership | Integrity

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