The LWO assists EMPLOYERS to comply with labour law

Labour law sets strict requirements for employers.
The LWO's main goal is to ensure that you as the employer comply with labour law and use it to your advantage to protect your business and your rights as an employer.

Who can join?

ANY employer
in ANY industry

with ANY number of employees

Join the LWO and receive:

Labour law audit
Upon joining every member receives a labour law audit with 100% compliance in mind. Get everything in place today and refocus your business.
24/7 legal advice helpline
You have unlimited access to the 24/7 legal advice helpline where you speak directly to a qualified legal advisor for expert assistance when you need it.
Free labour law documentation
Purpose-built employment contracts specific to your business and industry and all other labour law documentation (warnings, notices, policies, procedures, etc.)
Legal assistance with:
disciplinary hearings, consultations, warnings, restructuring, retrenchments, trade union negotiations, assistance with strikes, Department of Labour inspections and CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court representation.
Peace of mind
No more uncertainty and headaches with regards to labour law. Be confident that you as the employer not only comply with labour law but also use it to protect your business and rights as employer.
Become an LWO member
Take the headache out of LABOUR LAW

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Very important to know...

  • The LWO is registered as an employers’ organisation with the Department of Labour – this means that we are authorised to represent our members in the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Court.
  • The LWO is a non-profit members’ organisation, managed by a board (successful business owners and leading academics) consisting of members of the organisation
  • The LWO has a team of highly trained legal advisors – currently with roughly 235 years’ relevant experience in the field of labour law
  • The LWO has a national footprint and renders services at the employer’s premises
  • The LWO is apolitical

We proudly stand by our values

Respect | Dynamic mindset | Quality | Leadership | Integrity

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