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The LWO supports a productive and sustainable working environment. Our services are critical for every employer and it is important that we consistently follow an ethical approach and deliver quality service. Our values are non-negotiable and we are very proud of them:
  • Respect – we value our members and personnel and stand for the fair treatment of both
  • Dynamic mindset– we focus on continuously exceeding our members’ expectations
  • Quality – we take responsibility for the quality of our own work
  • Leadership – we demonstrate leadership in everything we do
  • Integrity – we demonstrate integrity in all of our actions
The LWO gives back to the communities we serve – we get involved and believe in bringing about change.


The LWO successfully runs a labour law training programme in agricultural schools and other training institutions. From the feedback, it is clear that the course is of great value to the learners who, in many cases, go on to work in the business environment, including the agricultural sector.

The LWO is proud to offer our labour law training programme in the following agricultural schools:

Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale

Weston Agricultural College


Agri and Affliliated Sectors Provident Fund

The LWO is a founding member of the Agricultural Sector Provident Fund (ASPF)

We should recognise the employers in the agricultural sector for the way they continuously act in the interest of employees. Every employee should pay attention to the crucial aspect of financial planning, and therefore, it is also important that an organisation such as the LWO Employers Organisation will participate in initiatives to provide affordable retirement, disability, death and funeral benefits for farm workers.

The ASPF offers several affordable plans with unique benefits to employees. A board of trustees originating from Agri SA, TLU SA and the LWO, together with professional independent trustees, manages and supports the ASPF. The board of trustees looks after affordable contributions and competitive benefits for participating farm workers.

When an employer makes the decision to offer the benefit of a provident fund as a condition of employment, existing employees have the option to belong to the fund or not. Their choice will be recorded in writing. However, employees who are employed after this decision is implemented are obliged to belong to the fund.

Employers should note that the Employment Equity Act applies to benefits such as a provident fund. This code is structured to ensure that employees are continuously treated fairly and to eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace.

Since 1991 AASPF has been improving the lives of farm workers and farmers by providing flexible risk and provident fund solutions, with a growing membership of 10 800. The time spent in the agricultural sector has proven AASPF as a reputable and trusted provident fund.

The AASPF specialises in risk and provident products in the niche agri environment. AASPF knows that no farm or agricultural structure is the same; therefore, delivering a unique, versatile product is essential to the market. AASPF’s product is highly flexible and can satisfy various needs while still being uncomplicated to ease administration and limit costs.

  • Provident fund (savings)
  • Death cover
  • Funeral benefit
  • Cover for seasonal workers
  • Disability cover
  • Accident and bodily cover

  • Prioritise withdrawal and retirement claims
  • Annual member benefit statements
  • Extended family funeral cover
  • Assisting beneficiaries with claims and payments
  • Beneficiary trust fund in the event of payments to minors
  • Member sessions can be arranged for larger groups in African languages
  • Funeral payments will be effected within 48 hours (subject to all required documents received)
  • After joining the fund, members will receive a certificate of participation
  • A management committee meeting can be arranged once per annum, depending on the size of the client


The LWO team regularly invites the South African National Blood Service in their plight to collect donators’ blood. The LWO understands the importance of getting involved to enable change.



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