“Inspections” by false officials

It has come to the Department of Employment and Labour‘s attention that people falsely pose as inspectors from this Department. In some instances employers are coerced and intimidated into buying “new” posters.

Make sure to do the following during an inspection by the Department of Employment and Labour:

  • Insist on positive identification of the person who introduces him-/herself as an inspector or an official.
  • First verify this information before giving the person access to your premises.

Inspections – please note the following:

  • No inspector may charge a fee for the inspection, investigation, advice or any assistance.
  • The Department of Employment and Labour does not delegate any third party to conduct an inspection on behalf of the Department – none of the Department’s powers may therefore be delegated.
  • No inspector may sell posters, products or information.

Who is the LWO?

The LWO is an employers’ organisation that is registered with the Department of Employment and Labour. Our main goal is to assist employers to comply with labour law – typical services include:
  • Free labour law audit upon joining with 100% compliance in mind for your business (based on your specific business industry and setup)
  • Free telephonic labour law advice – members are encouraged to phone in as many times as needed
  • Free labour law documentation – including employment contracts, warnings, notices, policies, procedures, etc.
  • Assistance to implement rules in the workplace and enforce discipline – poor work performance, consultations, warnings, disciplinary hearings, etc.
  • Representation at the CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court – our registration status with the Department of Employment and Labour gives us the right to automatically represent our members during conciliation/arbitration.
  • Assistance with restructuring, retrenchment, strikes, trade union negotiations, inspections, etc.
  • Anything labour law related between the employer and employee, the LWO protects the employer.
The LWO also established a Book shop, through which we provide labour law related articles to our members to assist employers to proactively manage labour as a business risk.



Stay ahead with our comprehensive compliance questionnaire. We’ll help pinpoint any gaps, ensuring you operate within legal guidelines.