Monopoly: Labour Law Edition (South Africa)

In this version of Monopoly, players not only build their business empires but also navigate the complex world of labour laws.


Before players can start, they must register with the Compensation Commissioner and the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
  • Bonus tip, if by some miracle you’ve started but never registered, you still can and should but will face fines.
  • Should you be in a specific industry, you may find yourself having to comply with a few extra compulsory registrations, contact us today to ensure where you would need to be registered according to your industry.


It’s easy to hit the ground running and start rolling the dice with your business, sometimes we don’t have other options, but this will come to haunt you later. What do we need to do to start then?
2.1. Employment Contracts:
  • Each player must ensure that every employee has a signed employment contract.
  • Employment contracts must comply with all applicable legislation.
  • Just like with chess it’s the moves we make in the beginning that determine the game later. That why Players can gain advantages by using legislation to their benefit when drafting contracts, bonus points – no fines.
  • Employment contracts must address various aspects like remuneration, leave types, overtime, retirement age, duties and the very important disciplinary code and procedures with policies (smoking, harassment, cell phone use etc.)
2.2. Documentation:
Players need to ensure they always have certain documents on hand, to be ready for a visit from the inspector and risk receiving a fine, or worse, being sent to jail. These documents include:
  • attendance registers;
  • compliant salary slips;
  • leave forms;
  • disciplinary codes.
Players must also keep copies of relevant legislation like the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Employment Equity Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, and personnel files.




Okay, we have everything we need to get started, but there are still rules to follow during gameplay. Players must follow correct procedures for disciplinary hearings, appeals, grievances, appointments, dismissals and on-duty injuries.

By following the correct procedures, benefit is obtained, while neglecting them leads to penalization. (Example – an employee stole from you and you fired him without a fair disciplinary hearing? Move straight to the KVBA and forfeit your next turn.)


To ensure a fair and safe game, it’s important to keep the following in mind, as failure to do so may result in fines, jail time, or both.
  • Players must ensure they pay at least the applicable minimum wage.
  • Compliance with the Employment Equity Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Skills Development Act is absolutely necessary.
  • Players need to know their rights concerning trade unions and how to act when picking up a trade union negotiation card.
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Use the handy checklist below to see if you’re set up for success:


Yes / No:


Are you registered for UIF and COIDA?



Does your employees have valid and signed contracts?


Do you have a disciplinary code with policies in place?  


Do you keep attendance registers, payslips and related personnel files?


Do you have posters up for all the relevant legislation?



Do you have procedures in place for disciplinary hearings, injuries on duty and grievances?


Are they executed properly?



Do you pay minimum wage applicable to your sector?


Do you comply with EEA, COIDA and OSHA?




Stay ahead with our comprehensive compliance questionnaire. We’ll help pinpoint any gaps, ensuring you operate within legal guidelines.