Alert level 3: COVID-19

Alert level 3

South Africa moved to an alert level 3 status regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic since 1 June 2020. Download the Government Gazette dated 28 May 2020 to take note of and implement.

Health and safety

Download the Government Notice dated 4 June 2020 with regards to health and safety in the workplace regulations. This is the Consolidated COVID-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace issued by the Minister in terms of Regulation 4(10) of the National Disaster Regulations. Employers must take care to implement these regulations before resuming business activities.

This pandemic undoubtedly has a wide impact on businesses.  Although we are currently on an alert level 3, businesses’ loss of income and obligation towards employees is still a great concern for many employers, especially where employers are unable to pay their employees in full.

Every business is unique and we encourage our members to contact the LWO for advice.  The LWO is available 24/7 to assist employers with regards to labour law.  Please contact the LWO for assistance at 086 110 1828 or if you have any queries in this regard.

What about the LWO?

The LWO is authorised to provide services to LWO members on the following basis (not yet a member – have a look at our cost-effective and user friendly membership packages):

  • 24/7 telephonic and electronic advice – phone 086 110 1828 or send an e-mail to;
  • Physical services on the work premises of employers who are classified as essential services, or who are permitted to resume business activities under alert level 3.  These services for members are strictly monitored on a continuous basis and take place under special conditions.

We confirm that the LWO complies with the set requirements in terms of health and safety in the workplace.

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LWO Regsadviseur - LWO Legal Advisor

LWO Regsadviseur - LWO Legal Advisor

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