New minimum wage – Contract cleaning sector: 1 February 2019

The new minimum wage for the Contract cleaning sector comes into effect on 1 February 2019. Click here for a complete breakdown of the respective Areas and minimum wages applicable.

This minimum wage is higher than the national minimum wage. Employers are obligated to pay the higher wage as per Sectoral Determination 1.

Herewith the minimum wage rates for contract cleaners:

  • Area A: R22.00 per hour
  • Area B: R22.20 per hour
  • Area C: R20.07 per hour

Employers are faced with many business risks daily. The best way an employer can address labour as business risk is to act proactively. Employers must ensure that the employment contracts, disciplinary code, procedures and policies are in place and comply with applicable legislation, including Sectoral Determination 1. It is very important to consider the role labour plays in the workplace and to understand that legislation can be used to the employer’s benefit. It is again emphasized that employers are obliged to comply with all applicable legislation, including the payment of the minimum wage. If the employer does not pay at least the minimum wage and therefore does not comply with legislation, the employer will face certain legal implications and consequences.

Contact the LWO for any assistance and advise in terms of the above mentioned.

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LWO Regsadviseur - LWO Legal Advisor

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