“The Great Resignation”

‘The Great Resignation’ is a global trend where employees have resigned their jobs over the past two years, looking for more fulfilling and purposeful work with better pay and benefits.
The pandemic has lead to drastic work changes and employees are reconsidering factors that are important in the workplace, as well as their expectations regarding an employer. Employees are looking anew at their careers, working conditions and long-term goals. This trend appears to be limited to more sophisticated occupations or niche fields of specialization. The low paid working class will not resign as easily because there is not always an alternative for them.

According to the McKinsey poll (conducted in the US), 40 percent of employees are somewhat likely to leave their jobs in the next three to six months. Is South Africa in the same boat when it comes to the “Great Resignation”?


How companies can turn the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction | McKinsey

South Africa is a developing country with an unemployment rate of about 35% where jobs are scarce and we cannot afford a large-scale labor exodus. However, there is a chance that this trend will not be as great in South Africa as in developed countries, but we are waiting for statistics in this regard.

Main reasons why employees are looking for greener pastures

Possible causes include compensation packages, fringe benefits, rising cost of living, prolonged job dissatisfaction, safety issues from the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to work for businesses with a sense of unity and a renewed focus.

What are the attractions for employees?

Consider flexible working conditions and development opportunities. Is it necessary for an employee to be fully office-based or can a hybrid model be implemented? Working from home is only a possibility if the workplace allows it. When the focus shifts from input to output, flexible hours can also be considered.

Pressure on the employer?

Employers have already experienced tremendous pressure to do business on a profitable and sustainable basis during the start of the pandemic. Although a resignation creates an opportunity for someone else, there is a loss of expertise and the training and orientation of a new appointment has a definite financial impact on the business.



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