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What is “moonlighting”?

During strenuous financial times, employees are increasingly determined to seek additional sources of income. This tendency may cause a decrease in productivity in the workplace

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Retrenchment is always challenging, but can be the only solution left. All employers have two goals: to make a profit and be sustainable. Employers must

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Strikes in the workplace

Strikes have a major impact on businesses’ profitability and survival, as well as the larger economy. According to the Department of Labour, there is a

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Labour legislation in South Africa

Labour legislation sets strict requirements for employers. The South African labour market is rightly regarded as highly regulated. This view is confirmed in the World

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Social media in the workplace

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, BBM and WhatsApp… It is a fact that the use of social media exploded. Employees’ now have a forum to express themselves

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About LWO

The LWO was established in 1990 to provide employers in the broader South African business community with labour law services and other related services in the field of labour law


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