Category: Business owners tips and advice

Business owners tips and advice

Employers, be consistent!

Employers must take care to always be consistent in the workplace and not treat employees differently without a justifiable reason. The employer-employee relationship starts with

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Business owners tips and advice

Temporary lay-off: how and when?

Temporary lay-off: Circumstances beyond the employer’s control, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, can add to create a challenging environment where the employer has to make

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Short time

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has already had serious implications, either directly or indirectly, for many South Africans as well as the negative economic impact on

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Business owners tips and advice

Employment – start out right

Every employer’s workplace is unique and business should be run with growth, profitability and success in mind – get the basics right. This goal can

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Business owners tips and advice

Tips to survive the CCMA

The CCMA was established as an independent, apolitical dispute resolution body in terms of the Labour Relations Act (LRA), Act 66 of 1995. It is

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Business owners tips and advice

Manage labour sustainably

Employers manage business risks on a daily basis to ensure the business’s profitability and sustainability. Restrictive labour regulations is one if the factors that make

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The LWO was established in 1990 to provide employers in the broader South African business community with labour law services and other related services in the field of labour law


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